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Other Audits

Pursuant to 40 PNC § 223

(b) the Public Auditor shall from time to time make such other audits of the Republic’s agencies, activities, contracts, or grants as are possible within the budget provided him and as he deems to be in the public interest and consistent with this chapter.

(c)  Upon request of an agency of the Republic the Public Auditor shall provide its opinion as to whether or not certain practices are in accord with generally accepted accounting principles.

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Year 2012

  Title Report Date
Protected Areas Network Fund 05/09/2012
Ngardmau State Government 06/26/2012
Social Security Administration 11/12/2012

Year 2011

  Title Report Date
Sonsorol State Government 03/29/2011
Ngarchelong State Government 04/28/2011
Angaur State Government 06/24/2011
Access to Safe Drinking Water 10/12/2011

Year 2010